WNL FAITH: – Finale Review (2/10/2010)

Set List: Marvelous Light (Charlie Hall), How Deep the Father’s Love For Us (Stuart Townsend).

Prepwork For the Evening: Prepared message, created media (welcome bump video, images), created PowerPoint, set up room, prepared EasyWorship schedule, set up webcasting equipment, prayed.

Lesson Topic: FAITH: part six– Christianity: That’s Why I Believe

What We Did: We finished FAITH: by exploring why Christians believe what they believe. Tonight I utilized lecture method to teach, with a largely unresponsive crowd, especially when I asked questions.

Scripture Used: Hebrews 11.1; John 14.6-11; Luke 16.19-31

Positives From the Evening: There were a couple of teens who did interact with my questions about why they believe in Jesus as the only way to God.

Negatives From the Evening: The series seemed to wrap with a thud. Most in the room were disinterested at best and bored at worst, not seeming to care to interact with the material. A couple even fought sleep. Except for a couple teens, there again was no interest in music.

Results From the Evening: I wish I knew. Honestly, this was the worst evening we have had for WNL during this series, with virtually no interaction from the teens, and nearly all of them leaving as soon as we closed in prayer. I would like to think that the group went home thinking through their own faith and beliefs, but I just don’t know.

Student Involvement: Students ran the camera, ran EasyWorship, and fought sleep.

Next Week: I take a break from teaching to allow the students to lead a Hot Topic evening.