WNL FAITH: Week 5 Review – 2/3/2010

Set List: No One Like You (David Crowder*Band), In the Secret (Andy Parks).

Prepwork For the Evening: Prepared message, created media (welcome bump video, images), created PowerPoint, set up room, prepared EasyWorship schedule, prepared handouts, set up webcasting equipment, prayed.

Lesson Topic: FAITH: part five – Life After Death and Hinduism

What We Did: We wrapped up the portion of FAITH: that explores other faith systems by looking at Hinduism using the lecture method primarily. We explored both Christianity’s understanding of life after death and Hinduism as a whole.

Scripture Used: John 14.6; Ecclesiastes 9.10; Luke 23.43; Luke 16.19-31

Positives From the Evening: There was some interaction with students during the lesson portion. Students were very responsive to the second song selection. There was excitement for National Goatee Day.

Negatives From the Evening: The first song was un-energetic at best. There were several teens who admit to zoning out during the lesson. A few even found themselves not paying enough attention to the lesson to the point that they were having their own discussion on the side.

Results From the Evening: It’s really hard to say that tonight went well. The topic seems to have been too broad to have held student attention. There was little enthusiasm for music, and there was a general overall feeling of disinterest. I think the best part of the evening was setting up a potential collision for students during the singing of In the Secret.

Student Involvement: Students ran the camera, ran EasyWorship, and asked questions.

Next Week: FAITH: wraps up with a look at why Christians believe what they believe.