WNL FAITH: – Week 4 Review (1/27/2010)

Set List: Undignified (Matt Redman), My Savior, My God (Aaron Shust).

Prepwork For the Evening: Prepared message, created media (welcome bump video, images, PowerPoint game), installed VGA splitter, created PowerPoint, set up room, prepared EasyWorship schedule, prepared handouts, set up webcasting equipment, prayed.

Lesson Topic: FAITH: part four – Sin and Buddhism

What We Did: Taking a more (unplanned) conversational approach, we worked our way through the basics that Buddhists believe about life, and how it compares with what Christianity believes.

Scripture Used: Romans 3.23; Galatians 5.19-21; James 1.13-15

Positives From the Evening: There was a lot of discussion and interaction amongst the group that was not planned or even expected. We had a lot of new faces, some of which were there only because God brought them tonight. The group seemed to really latch on to the idea of sin and run with it. The Buddha Challenge PowerPoint game really went over well. We got to see a couple of teens that we have not seen in a while (one the result of a personal invite via a phone call this afternoon).

Negatives From the Evening: Music once again was a chore for most of the group. There were a handful that really got into it and used it to connect with God, but most of the room looked like a group of Sunday morning pew fillers. More than half the group didn’t sign in on the attendance sheet, leaving me to scramble before they left to figure out who was here tonight.

Results From the Evening: Tonight was a really great evening. The interaction in the room was a lot deeper than I was expecting, especially for a lecture-style lesson. Buddhism turned out to be a rather interesting topic tonight, and our newer teens really dove right in (especially the one who informed me after the lesson that she is an unorthodox Jew). Overall, teens went home more informed and refreshed, though I really am left wondering if music as a medium for worship has run its course for much of our group.

Student Involvement: Students ran the camera, ran EasyWorship, and asked questions.

Next Week: We’re exploring Hinduism, as well as Life After Death in part five of FAITH: