Friday Night Flood in Review – 1/15/2010

Tonight was another good night of Friday Night Flood. I actually entered it with a new perspective. You see, a couple months ago our leadership team read through Youth Ministry 3.0, and one of the things I remembered from the book was the discussion about one possible shift for us into 3.0 would be multiple youth groups in the same church. I have been noticing that we seem to be shifting that way ourselves, with different crowds on Sunday Mornings, Wednesday Nights and Friday Nights.

Tonight we featured one of our longtime students sharing his journey, and some strong, encouraging words of challenge for our crowd. We also had some “Stupid Human Tricks” (look for the video soon) and shared the whole break time again on our church website.

Tonight there was little negative that I encountered. There was one 6th grader who came in (we are 7th – 12th grade). We let him stay since it was getting close to the end of our evening. I did get to have a few really solid conversations with teens. In the end, tonight really seemed to feel good to me. I know the few teens that I was able to talk to really benefited from being involved tonight.