Communicating With Teens, part 2

Yesterday I blogged about the different avenues that I utilize to communicate information to our teenagers. I neglected to mention one major place that I use frequently.

Church Website
Our church website has given H20 an entire section devoted to our programs and ministries. I utilize this site all the time, in an effort to keep both our teens and their parents informed and up-to-date:

  • Homepage: Here students find our purpose statement, an interactive calendar, announcements about upcoming events and programming, access to our texting list, our weekly schedule, (when we produce them) video announcements, a feed to all of our videos, and a picture slide show. That is a lot of info! And yet, it doesn’t feel incredibly crowded (though I am looking at how best to streamline it a little better.
  • Program Pages: Our regular programs (Wednesday Night Live, Sunday School, Friday Night Flood and Journey Groups) each have their own page with an explanation of why the program exists, and videos captured from each program. Friday Night Flood also includes downloads of the informational brochure and our Medical Release Form, and a live video feed of the program (but only when we are live).
  • Event Pages: Currently, our upcoming Winter Retreat (Snowbound) has a page with information, video advertisements, downloads of the brochure and images for the weekend. We also currently have a page devoted to our Dodgeball Tournament that includes information, videos, and downloads of any necessary paperwork (Medical Release Form, sign-up form, etc.). In the future we will feature pages for ALIVE, our summer mission trip, the 30 Hour Famine, and more.
  • FAITH: Our current Wednesday Night Live series is so… big… that I have set up a section devoted to it. This page features the live video stream of each WNL, information on the series, and links to subpages with archived videos, text resources, and links used for each faith system that we explore in the series.
  • H20 Leaders: A fun little section featuring profiles of each adult who currently invests in our teens.
  • The Purple Police: An informational page about the series. Each season is embedded, as well as the story behind the series’ creation.
  • Fahim: Fahim is a child in Bangladesh that our group sponsors through World Vision. This page is static, and simply explains who he is, and why we sponsor him.
  • H20 Links: Useful links for both teens and parents to make use of, as well as links to the rest of our web presence (YouTube, Picasa, etc.).

There you have it. The H20 website in a nutshell. That is a lot of stuff! I didn’t realize just how much we have posted online.