Friday Night Flood in Review – 1/8/2010

Tonight was our first night back into Friday Night Flood after a couple of weeks off. I wrestled with a lot of different ideas about what to do exactly for tonight. What challenge should we use? What should the message be? Should there even be a message and a challenge? Ultimately I decided to run with what turned out to be a traditional format for tonight.

I am not a great supporter of New Year’s resolutions, so I didn’t want to go that way with our message tonight. Instead, after a lot of thinking and praying I decided to use Matt McGill’s Sports Instructional Video for Swimming. I used it before in Indiana, but it was a new item to our teens here in Corry. (Unfortunately I can’t find a clip of it on YouTube to share with you here. Bummer). The basic premise is that Matt, a rather rotund gentleman in a Speedo, gives viewers what sounds like good, wise advice for how to swim properly, but it is not good at all. At one point he is flailing around in an inflatable pool for practice. I used this to spark a brief challenge for our teens to use this year, the rest of this school year, to seek out wise advice, Godly wisdom, and solid direction for how to live their lives each day.

Overall, there was a lot of other good points to tonight. Webcasting on the church website went incredibly smoothly (better than I would have expected). Rearranging the youth room was a great move. There were some great conversations tonight. I got to sit down and chat with one of our teens (who I had been informed by his younger brother on Wednesday that he is “no longer religious”) about his struggles to figure out if God really exists. Phenomenal conversation, really. He has a lot of valid, tough questions that he is wrestling with right now. He also informed me that he will be joining us on Wednesdays for FAITH: as we explore what other faiths believe, and how they stack up against Christianity, and hopefully we can answer some of his questions about how we know what we believe to be true.

On the negative side, there were a couple of teens that were disrespectful and rude at points, but that is who they are. They are trying to find their footing, and if refusing to help set tables back up at the end of the night is the worst we had to deal with, then we had a good evening. But it could also mean that we may not be reaching those “tough” students any longer as well.

Something to think about…