WNL FAITH: Week 1 Review (1/6/2010)

Set List: Shadows (David Crowder*Band), Medley (Third Day)

Prepwork For the Evening: Prepared message, created media (welcome bump video, images), created PowerPoint, set up room, prepared EasyWorship schedule, prepared handouts, set up webcasting equipment, prayed.

Lesson Topic: FAITH: part one – Yahweh, Pagans and Wiccans

What We Did: In largely lecture format (with some Q&A), I shared with our teens the broad strokes behind Pagan and Wiccan beliefs, as well as the Christian belief of Yahweh existing as the only God there is.

Scripture Used: Mark 12.32; John 14.6; Isaiah 43.10; Deuteronomy 4.19

Positives From the Evening: Several of the teens in the room seemed to eat up everything that I threw their way. One even took so many notes that he filled 2 pages! There was some genuine discussion going on, and there were even a handful of teens in the room who were thinking critically, asking what makes Christians so different form the rest of the world. How can we claim that we know that Yahweh is the only God there is, and know that we are right?

Negatives From the Evening: I am not sure that the lecture format is the best for our teens. It almost seems as if most of them at one point or another were disinterested because of the style. I’m also not sure of how many (if any) people we had viewing online.

Results From the Evening: Many of our students walked out of the room with a better understanding of what Pagans and Wiccans believe, and hopefully they also walked out with a firmer belief that Yahweh is indeed the only God there is.

Student Involvement: Students ran the camera, ran EasyWorship, asked questions and helped lead singing.

Next Week: We’re exploring Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons, as well as Evangelism in part two of FAITH:

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