WNL in Review – 12/23/09

Tonight was a one-off night before shutting down for Christmas and New Year’s. Rather than a deep, profound lesson, we invited teens out to view a Christmas movie, and I had a few questions afterwards to engage their thoughts, and hopefully tie it into Scripture a little bit.

The movie selection (by teen vote): The Nightmare Before Christmas

Evaluation: We were introduced to a couple new teens, and saw a couple that we have not seen in a while, who came out because they were invited by their friends. Even though there were a couple teens reading, another trying to sleep, they came to spend time with us. We’re doing something right in that area, creating a space where they want to be. Even though the discussion didn’t go as deep as I would have liked to see it go, there was some engagement about how commercialized Christmas is.

Next up: Nothing next week. FAITH: starts in two weeks!