WNL in Review – 12/16/2009

Set List: No music tonight.

Prepwork For the Evening: Prepared message, created H20 Action News, prayed, Charged video camera, but didn’t clear enough space on the memory to record all of the message.

Lesson Topic: The Story of Christmas.

What We Did: While standing in the snow by our dumpster, I shared a loose adaptation of the birth account of Jesus from Luke 2, placing the girls in Mary’s shoes, and the guys in Joseph’s shoes.

Scripture Used: Luke 2.1-20

Positives From the Evening: Being out in the snow and the cold really gave our teens a chance to experience discomfort as I shared about Mary and Joseph’s discomfort. It really had a deeper impact being able to tie the conditions of the stable to the state of our dumpster. There was a lot of interaction with students discussing the message once we were inside.

Negatives From the Evening: Running out of storage space for video was a downer. The night felt… disjointed and almost… shallow.

Results From the Evening: Many of the teens seemed to really gain a new perspective on the birth account, and the few who said that they already hold that perspective did learn new things to appreciate (like Mary’s real age when she gave birth to Jesus, and some Jewish cultural norms that modern American Christians tend to be ignorant of). All in all there seems to have been solid seeds planted to help our teens not take this season for granted.

Student Involvement: Students participated in discussion and voted on the movie for next week.

Next Week: Christmas movie night. It should be interesting, since the movie selected by majority vote was The Nightmare Before Christmas…