Waiting in Advent

Last week we hosted a couple of interactive stations for teens to explore Advent on their own. (You can read about it here). The third station asked two questions. What are you waiting for this Advent season? and What do you think God is waiting for this Advent season? Teens then wrote their answers on a Post-It note and stuck it to the poster that the question was written on. The question about what God wants was fairly… Sunday-School answer-esque:

  • Nothing. God has everything
  • Not sure
  • Unconditional love on earth
  • Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind
  • Peace
  • Peace and happiness on earth
  • Love, peace, hope and Prayer
  • Unconditional love, peace, hope, happiness and joy
  • His children to come home

It was the other question that raised my eyebrow and broke my heart. What do our teens wait for this year?

  • Things to go right
  • Some peace and contentment
  • For my family to be happy like we used to be
  • More of an understanding of my future and God’s plan
  • Peace in my heart
  • For my father to try to get along with the person who is close and dear to me and for my family to have joy
  • For my mother to be the mother that I need now and a sister that will really love me for who I am
  • I’m waiting for me and my family to get along better and me and my mom to get closer because I am always left out
  • My family to come closer and have Christmas dinner
  • For my family to get along and to be at peace with one another
  • I am no longer sure

Our teens (and yours, I am sure) are broken and hurting. They are coming from family situations that are less than ideal, searching for love, and several of them are simply looking for parents who can model an upright life for them. Someone that they can look up to and lean on to teach them how to become solid adults.

Please pray for our teens (and for yours as well). Ask that God will use us as shining examples in their lives. Ask that He will provide opportunities to show them real love to them. Ask that in the end, we will not see ourselves as their saviors, but simply as Your hands and feet here on the earth, here in their lives.

I’ll share a little more tomorrow…