Teen Mom

Tonight MTV premieres a spin-off of their 16 and Pregnant series, Teen Mom. As Youth Workers, this could be an interesting tool for us. I say could be because MTV is bound to do some serious editing of their film, and it is in front of cameras so everything is bound to be magnified. But it could be useful in that the core issues should still be displayed, the teen (and parent) values should still show up pretty prominently, and some of those dramatic moments on camera will probably be genuine.

Do you have teens in your area who are struggling with what to do after giving birth? Do you have some who are about to bring a life into the world? Keep this program in mind as a resource for yourself (not necessarily with them – at least until after you have screened it first) to get a feel for what they can expect in their own life. And (if you have kids of your own) think back through your own experiences, trauma and joys.

Teen Mom premieres December 8 (tonight if you are reading this today) @ 10pm Eastern on MTV.