Friday Night Flood in Review – 12/4/09

Tonight’s Friday Night Flood had a different feel to it. It was a really great night on a lot of different levels. I personally got to have a handful of good conversations (one of which took place as  I dropped a student off at his house. He had a friendship break up over something trivial and needed to talk/vent). We had another student share her testimony. I have seen her go through several major ups and downs since moving into town, some good choices, and some bad. But in the end, she has turned back to God to direct her path, and even though her choices have not always been the greatest, she does realize that she needs to be under His guidance. (I may have video of this on Monday evening. I really hope to, but I told her if she is uncomfortable sharing it on the web that I will not post it).

On the negative side of things, we had a couple of teens who had a little too much sugar and were a bit rambunctious. But the gym being open finally helped out with that. There was a small group of teens who would rather stand outside in the cold than help put a few tables and chairs back up before they left. (This always seems to be a problem). But the gym being open did diminish the cafe atmosphere we have been running the past several weeks. We also had to have a student leave for the hospital with some medical issues. Nothing life-threatening, but serious enough to warrant the trip.

But more positives from the evening. We welcomed a possible new addition to our adult leadership corps. He has a passion for working with teens to young adults, and really seemed to fit in right away. He’s already committed to plugging in next week!

All in all, a good, solid night of ministry. I am looking forward to next week already…

BONUS: Here’s a quick little video of the challenge tonight that I took with my BlackBerry. Oatmeal, Pantyhose, and spoons. What more do you need?
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