Creating an Effective Announcement Video – Hosting

This is the fifth part of a multi-part series that walks you through the necessary items to craft an effective Announcement Video, based upon my experiences, my successes, and my failures.

Tons of useful information and experiences that I crammed into one short(?) series. I hope that it has been useful to you and to your ministry. Today I wrap it up by sharing some video hosting options for your videos online, and a couple other ministries that create video announcements.

Video Hosting Sites:

  • I use blip primarily for all of our videos with H20 for a couple reasons. First, if I upload in quicktime format i can distribute it to iTunes for free as a podcast. Ever episode is included in our iTunes podcast as soon as it is uploaded. I can also cross post to YouTube with a single mouse click. Individual videos and playlists are embeddable anywhere online. You can also track fairly detailed statistics. People can download a copy of your video directly from the site, either the flash that is posted, or the original video that you uploaded (and you can upload multiple formats). Completely free to you, but you can pay for an account that enables you to have more options. Our Blip Channel. Our iTunes Podcast.
  • Vimeo: I use Vimeo exclusively for our video announcements. While not as advanced as blip is, it has a beautiful player and you can create a personalized channel (check ours out). You can cross post from blip to Vimeo if you have paid for a Pro account on Vimeo. Videos are embeddable anywhere, and you can create a widget to stream all of your videos. Free to you, but you can pay for a Pro account. Our Channel.
  • YouTube: The biggest, most popular video hosting site on the web. Everyone knows it, and everyone knows where to find it. Nice, embeddable players, but they are STRICT with their copyright regulations. Our Channel.
  • Social Networking Sites: Facebook and MySpace (and I am sure others) offer video hosting. They are nice to use, and are embeddable, but I rarely use them myself. I already embed the videos from the other sites on our MySpace page and link to it in our Facebook group.

Who Else makes Video Announcements?

  • Tim Schmoyer. Tim creates video announcements and posts them for his group. He uses many of the same distribution sites that I do. He also has some very helpful insights on creating video announcements here and here.
  • Josh Griffin/Saddleback. Saddleback uses a lot of video in their ministry, and Josh posts a lot of it for us to see.

These are just a couple. Is there anyone else out there who makes video announcements? Care to share your sites/videos?  Is there anything that I missed in this series that should be gone over?

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