Creating an Effective Announcement Video – Creativity, Take 2

This is the fourth part of a multi-part series that walks you through the necessary items to craft an effective Announcement Video, based upon my experiences, my successes, and my failures.

Before I wrap this section of the series up, I have a couple more creative issues to throw at you before moving on to hosting options tomorrow.

  • Add Bonus Material: While it is necessary to remain on task about the announcements in your video, don’t be afraid to add in a few bonus features to add value that brings your teens back, something that will make them want to find it online and watch it at home. I currently include a devotional element each week. I use my weekly Jump Start, usually a little bit condensed for time that ties into that week’s lesson topics. Once a month I offer a texting/trivia challenge to our teens, with a small prize involved. Once a month (or with a little less irregularity) I share a fun YouTube video that made me laugh (with proper credit given, of course). Don’t be afraid to add something in.
  • Don’t Chain Yourself to a Style: Over the years, the format of my videos has changed drastically. In Indiana, the format changed every week. Here at Corry First, I settled very quickly into a groove of From the Laptop, in which I (or teens, or action figures) sat in front of my laptop’s webcam and did something creative to share the announcements. That evolved into the H20 Action News when I realized that From the Laptop was getting stale. Teenagers (and we adults as well, if we’re honest) tend to lose interest in something that is the same, week in and week out. So we need to keep it fresh, keep it engaging. Recently I have experimented with a new format for the Action News (late-night talk show and clip show).
  • Be Fair and Honest: If you use material that someone else created, give proper credit. If you don’t, you will be engaging in what is essentially theft (copyright restrictions say so), and putting forth a poor witness to people. (A lot of my older videos broke this rule, and I need to go in and change this). But also important in this item, if you use audio that is copyrighted, and the owners tell YouTube to shut it down, the entire audio for your video will disappear. Oops! Do this also with other videos that you will post within your video (YouTube video of the week). When I use other YouTube videos, I give the title it is posted as, the author/poster of the video and the url it can be found at. This past week for the first time ever I got a notice that a video of mine includes copyrighted material (my YouTube video of the week).

Next time I’ll wrap this series up with video hosting options, and a couple other Youth Pastors that create video announcements for their groups.

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