Wednesday Night Live in Review – 12/2/09

Set List: Days of Elijah (Robin Mark), Shadows (David Crowder*Band) was planned, but I broke a string so couldn’t finish the set.

Prepwork For the Evening: Prepared EasyWorship schedule, PowerPoint slides, created H20 Action News, prayed, chose topics, recorded and posted videos of leftover topics.

Lesson Topic: Hot Topic Evening: Why do people think Christians are perfect and what can we do to change that? Is purple (Physical Affection) bad or is it good?

Scripture Used: 1 Peter 1.13-16; 1 Thessalonians 4.3-7; 2 Timothy 2.22; Philippians 4.8

Positives From the Evening: Conversations really flowed tonight, for both groups. The girls group had a rabbit trail that led them to some really deep conversation about broken homes and the success (or lack of success) in their parents’ marriages. The guys had some interesting conversation, even going off on the tangent of whether or not one can lust after their wife. There were a couple of new faces tonight and one of them was not afraid to share her groups findings at the end of the evening. At least 50% of our teens present tonight come from (what I can determine) are largely un-churched backgrounds.

Negatives From the Evening: The guitar string breaking during Days of Elijah was a problem. We always seem to need more time for discussion. We could use another leader or two present.

Results From the Evening: I really love these discussion nights. It gives our teens a voice and allows them to discover things for themselves. The side tangents, though potentially distracting, are where the real heart came out (especially in the girls’ group), which has led to some discussion between Kelly and I about what we can do to show some of our teens from broken homes some tangible love, and how we can invest into them in solid ways.

Student Involvement: Students participated in discussion, ran EasyWorship, ran the video camera and shared at the end (effectively teaching the group).

Next Week: Something interesting that I am working on for Advent.

Bonus: Check out the four remaining videos from the Hot Topic Box and weigh in with your thoughts on YouTube.