Creating an Effective Announcement Video

I spend a lot of time crafting videos for our Student Ministry. In fact, it is not uncommon for me to film, edit and produce up to 4 or 5 videos a week. Some are recap videos, some are part of the series or lesson we are working through, and others are all about announcements.

Long ago I learned that sharing announcements as a spoken monologue from the front of the room is one of the most ineffective methods of communicating important details that need to be remembered. Looking back at my own experience in High School, we would film our announcements then (even in the days prior to digital video capture), so I tried it as a Youth Pastor.

Early on I used an old VHS-C camcorder that would require me to film, watch the film while capturing it into a digital format, then editing it and rendering it into a usable format for distribution. There were some long days in the early period. (You can find some examples on my YouTube channel, check out the Epicenter Playlist). But they seemed to leave more of an impact upon our teens than speaking the announcements did.

I also learned that allowing teens to be in front of the camera can really give them a sense of ownership. Not just over the announcements, or even the creative process, but of the group itself. It gives them a platform to share their gifts and talents. It offers them an opportunity to express themselves and support the life of their ministry.

Over the next couple of blog posts, I will be sharing my experience and advice about creating announcement videos, and even offer some examples of what I have done so far. It is my hope that you will learn and grow from my experience, and be able to use it to grow your own ministry.

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