Friday Night Flood in Review – (11/13/09)

2009 Rounded WhiteTonight was a great night for Friday Night Flood.

For starters, we were able to see our two new leaders back in the saddle, and they really seemed to enjoy themselves tonight, connecting with our teens. On top of that, within the first 15 minutes or so, we had an explosion of teens show up. Nearly a dozen brand new teens. We had one teenager share her testimony during our breaktime. It was powerful. The room was silent the whole time she was on stage, with every person in the room attentive to her story. Another teen already asked to share her story next month.

Even the little things went well tonight. Putting the building back together at the end of the night went very smoothly. Everyone was on their way home by 5 after 11. The challenge and the announcement about our dodgeball tournament in December were well received (with a lot of excitement about dodgeball).

Now, there were a couple of flaws. One notable one involved teens who signed out trying to get themselves run over in the parking lot. And the registration computer took a little while to get up and running to start the night.

But I think the most intriguing part of my evening was a conversation I had with a father of one of our new teens. You see, he (and she) are Wiccan, and he was concerned that we might be forcing her to hide or otherwise bury her beliefs while she was at the program. I was able to share with him that we are more concerned with having conversations and getting to know teens on Friday nights, and that we are not going to force her to hide her pentacle necklace, or make her hide her beliefs. We want to engage in conversation and learn about her (and all of our teens).

He seemed to be very grateful, and even relieved that I am so open-minded and willing to listen. I even managed to get his number, and plan on calling him to see about getting together for lunch, and hearing about his journey so far.

Tonight was a great night all around. Even the negatives can’t overpower the great successes that God had tonight.