Student Ministry Tip: Record Your Words

student-ministry-tipsIf you are anything like me, you find yourself communicating tons of information with many different groups of people every week. You might even find that you have 5 or 6 meetings in a month that cover different information and your notes just don’t seem to cover all the information that you have given out. Then you have to figure out who you gave what information to and when you gave it. Now, writing everything down beforehand and reading from that list can really help this, but what happens when information pops up that didn’t make it to your list?

Record it.

Over the past month I have struggled to keep track of all my announcements, teaching, points, and news bulletins. Who did I tell what when? Did all the parents get the memo about the idea behind our new Journey Groups? Which students were able to hear what I had to say about Friday Night Flood? Enough people have told me that they did not get the information that I shared (some are right, some just didn’t listen) that I have decided to purchase a Digital Video Recorder. I never really considered any other format, as there are many potential benefits to a digital recording of announcements, meetings and news:

  • It can be played back instantly. Need to remember what you said just a minute ago? You can play it back without wasting the time to rewind a tape.
  • It doesn’t wear out. A tape would.
  • Easily transferable. You can transfer the file from recording device to computer with great ease, sometimes with a built-in USB plug.
  • Easy to share it. Want to send your leaders a copy of the meeting last week? Simply attach the mp3 or .wav file to an e-mail or upload it to a file hosting site such as and your leaders can hear everything.
  • Easy reminder. Send a copy to students to remind them of upcoming events or to remember an important lesson from that week’s meeting.

In short, there are a lot of benefits to recording everything. I have already used it to record audio this past Wednesday night that came in handy when the microphone on the video camera didn’t pick up everything quite right. And tomorrow I’ll be using it to record a discussion on Youth Ministry 3.0 that our Leadership Team is having. I’ll share the recording with everyone, both to refresh them on our talk, and to inform those who couldn’t make it.

The hardest part is figuring out what to keep and what to get rid of!