WNL in Review – 10/28/09

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Set List: Come To Me My Child (Mine), Storm (Lifehouse), In the Secret (Andy Park), Doxology (David Crowder*Band rendition), Jesus Paid it All (Kristian Stanfill arrangement), How Deep the Father’s Love for Us (Stuart Townsend), Rain Down (David Crowder*Band), Shadows (David Crowder*Band), My Savior, My God (Aaron Shust).

Prepwork For the Evening: Prepared and practiced set list, created meditative moments to interspersed between songs and Scripture, set up Youth Room for proper atmosphere, bought additional candles, prepped Action News bulletins (and video).

Lesson Topic: Reflections on Hosea

Scripture Used: Hosea 1

Positives From the Evening: A lot about tonight was positive. The atmosphere was perfect, utilizing three different stations for prayer requests (at the foot of the cross), Fahim money, cell phone collection and Sign-in/news bulletins was incredibly successful. The Music was well-received, even prompting honest attitudes of worship from several teens. The Scripture was shocking to a few teens (go on, read it for yourself. Just remember to read “adulterous woman” as prostitute). And on top of all that, the junior-highers who are normally pretty excitable were appropriately subdued for tonight’s setting. I feel that several teens really got a lot out of tonight, and collided with God in a way that they are not used to.

Negatives From the Evening: Virtually nothing, save for needing to rush for candles before the night started (should have picked them up earlier this week).

Results From the Evening: The meditative atmosphere really helped a handful of teens to engage the Scripture more than they normally would. Though I did not get to speak in-depth with many of them afterward,  I could see a visible change in demeanor, almost a more thoughtful group of teens leaving the room tonight. And as I stated earlier, a few of them were shocked that God would have a prophet go through so much as an example to His people.

Student Involvement: Almost nothing this week, except for praying for each others’ prayer requests.

Next Week: We start a new programmatic element with Hot Topic discussion!

Bonus: Some pics I snapped at the end on my Blackberry