SGX Becomes Small Group Trader


UPDATE: The Small Group Exchange/Trader has undergone a dramatic shift. They no longer host my articles (as best I can tell), so you can find my articles here and here.



A while back I blogged about joining with BluefishTV’s Small Group Exchange as a contributor. There are a lot of useful resources on the site for those of you who are running small group ministries, or who are seeking to start running small groups at your church.

Well, recently Small Group Exchange went through a bit of a metamorphosis and changed their name as part of the change. What was the SGX is now Small Group Trader. They still have the great articles, resources and reviews of small group resources, but now they offer video training, case studies of ministries that run small groups, comment capabilities on articles and more!
So surf on over to the Small Group Trader and see what there is that could help you to grow your small group ministry. Or to help you start one.

My Articles @ Small Group Trader:
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