A Tribute

CliffJillWedding2I had the honor this past weekend of serving as best man at the wedding of my best friend (after Kelly of course), Clifford Lester, who blogs on occasion. Cliff has entered into the covenant of marriage with a wonderful woman, Jill, and they will have many happy years together.

Of course, the weekend was not without event. Midway through the ceremony, without any warning, I was hit like a freight train with the flu. Seriously, right in the middle of the ceremony. I was faced with the decision of whether to… shall we say lose my lunch (breakfast) in front of the church, or to swallow what was trying to escape and stand firm for my friend. I chose the latter, not to brag about it, but because I wanted to be there for my friend, and did not want to ruin the ceremony for Jill. And as the day wore on, I only got worse, forcing us to leave the reception early. But Cliff means that much to me. He means more, in fact.

Cliff and I met in college as classmates, grew into friends, lived as roommates and continue to lift each other up in all that we do.Without going into too much detail here, Cliff has gone through some really tough trials the past few years. And there are few men that I know who are more deserving of a successful marriage than Cliff. And I believe that He and Jill will have many happy years together.

In Jill, Cliff has found someone who is not only strongly committed to growing in her relationship with God, but loves the life that God gave her, and seeks to support Cliff in all that he does. She will be an awesome wife to Cliff, and he will be a phenomenal husband to her. And down the road, God willing, they will both be terrific parents to any children that God chooses to bless them with (not that I am trying to rush them into anything!)

So Cliff and Jill, I raise my glass to you (figuratively, this is a blog post after all). May the days ahead be filled with joy, laughter and excitement. May you lean on each other in times of great trials, and may you lift each other up when the storms blow at your walls. May you continue to seek after the heart of God in everything that you do, and may He continue to smile on you no matter where you stand in life. May life never get in the way of you and God, and may yo never forget the vows you shared this past weekend.

I love you guys, and cannot wait to see you when you get back from the honeymoon!