Friday Night Flood in Review – 10/16/09

friday-night-floodAs part of our Missions Conference, this week’s Friday Night Flood featured one of our missionaries in from Brazil. In fact, he shared with us last year as a translator for a friend of his who came up with him from Brazil. I really look forward to this week each year, and I was not let down this year.

For starters, we were blessed to welcome a handful of brand new teens into our building. We also got to welcome back several other teens who have not been around in a while. There were many great conversations that I was blessed to be a part of, especially with a couple of our regular teens. And we got to welcome two new leaders to our Friday Night Flood ranks, one of whom came tonight under God’s direction. As it turned out, her gifts and talents in the counseling field came into very good and very necessary use tonight.

Tonight was a really great night to build on past relationships with teens, and to begin building new relationships with teens we have not known very long. All to begin advancing the Kingdom in their lives. As part of that, one of those conversations, revolved around the question of how life would be different if Christ came back in a week. The girl I chatted about that with has been wrestling with that question (and more like it) for longer than I have known her. And I have been blessed to see her growth over the past two years as she has struggled with how to work through Christianity with her Native American family background.

I love nights like this.