Rough Weekend

This weekend has been rough. Here’s a brief rundown, starting with the most… insignificant defeats:

  • Both of my fantasy football teams underperformed and lost, leaving me 1-2 in one league, and 0-3 in the other (in which I am actually the points leader. Go figure).
  • The Steelers blew it in the fourth quarter. At times I yelled at the TV because it seemed the refs had it in for Hines Ward, but the simple story is that we lost in the end. Ugh.
  • High Note: Got to run the new camera during this morning’s service (another high note, Jeff Painter led the entire service. Amazing pianist with some powerful stories).
  • High Note #2: Got to have the first get-together with some of our post-high schoolers that will hopefully become a regular gathering, to give them something to call their own.
  • Of the post-high schoolers who has expressed an interest in participating, one of the most interested voices apparently blew us off for a weight lifting TV show.
  • I got to spend a lot of time with Toby today, but the reason is not a good one…
  • I got a text message from my mother-in-law this morning during the second service informing me that Kelly’s aunt was in the hospital and didn’t look like she would make it. We found out that she had a stroke, bled into her brain and ultimately passed away this afternoon. Kelly spent the day in Ohio comforting her mom, and Abby went to visit Grams and Papa for a couple days.
  • Toby had a rough evening, with his dairy allergy acting up.
  • Tomorrow I start a two-week cleanse/diet to start losing some weight.

Some of these are more trivial than others. But they all added up this weekend. I thank God that He has allowed everything to be set up exactly how it needs to be for this weekend to have happened. Because even though it has been rough (incredibly frustrating at times), He has been here all along, standing beside and behind us, reminding us to rest on and in Him, because this is all for His glory. I only ask that you might remember to lift up Kelly’s mother’s family. This is  going to be a tough couple of weeks ahead for them.