Friday Night Flood in a Nutshell – 9/26/09

H20 - FNFlood PlaceholderTonight was another small night for Friday Night Flood. Apparently this year, the football team and their 4-0 record are popular enough to draw a much bigger crowd than they did last year. Not a complaint, just an observation.

Anyway, this week we had a handful of teens come out to hang with us for a few hours. As far as the evening goes, it as very laid-back. Some teens played Guitar Hero, others played Monopoly while a few more played cards and made bracelets. This allowed our adult leaders to engage in conversations without the distraction of the gym, but by the end of the evening felt (to me at least) a bit… hollow. Not bad necessarily. It just felt a bit empty.

Our break consisted of a new welcome video, a video featuring a teen who shared about his struggles to connect with God. This set up a talk (and a bit of a discussion) about how we connect with God when He steps back. Not that we should blame Him for turning His back, but that we should try harder to work on our relationship with Him because we may have become complacent in that.

After that we set up a handful of Pringles cans in the hallway and challenged teens to bowl with them (one round with a small plastic ball, another with a playground ball and penalties for making contact with me while I was sitting behind the cans). The game tied into the message in that it displayed the teens excited to try again after failing at a seemingly impossible task (such as reconnecting with God can feel like).

All in all an okay evening.