WNL in Review – 9/23/09

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Set List: Days of Elijah (Robin Mark), Undignified (Matt Redman), In the Secret (Andy Park).

Prepwork For the Evening: Prepared lesson/discussion time, created 90 Second Recap video, filmed and edited H20 Action News, put together set list, practiced set list, prepared sign-in sheet and prayer requests sheet.

Lesson Topic: How do we grow closer to God?

Positives From the Evening: The girls’ group not only enjoyed their time together tonight, they experienced a slight jump in numbers. For the first time in a little while, we had teens invite their friends to come out to a WNL and they came. There was even some fun off-topic theological discussion going on in that group. They are really making it their own. The guys had some great discussion that centered around the nature of truth, and how we pray. Once we got into the music (we had a rough start) the group really seemed to bring it home on a strong note. The Action News was once again well received (Chris is a natural in front of the camera as John Winkleburger).

Negatives From the Evening: The guys have no clue or concept of what they want to see their Journey group do/become in their journeys yet. Once again, no money for our sponsor child was collected. Starting music was a little rough, and though half the room knows the motions for Days of Elijah, it was next to impossible to get anyone to demonstrate them. No one wanted to hang around after the Journey groups wrapped up, and all but 2 left nearly immediately after we were done.

Results From the Evening: There is definite excitement from many of our teens about growing with God this week. Hard to determine after one night, but I feel that the new students seemed to feel welcomed and have been encouraged to come back next week. We also learned that we cannot put a second female Journey Group leader on the back burner any longer. 11 girls is at least 3 too many for the format, and will quickly become detrimental to conversations. Overall though, I feel that it was a good night, and I have been blessed to have been a part of it.

Student Involvement: Students ran EasyWorship and starred in the H20 Action News.

Next Week: Journey Groups take the week off as I field any questions about faith that our teens have for a Real Talk Evening.