Friday Night Flood Plan B – 9/18/09

Halftime fieldTonight I was the only adult leader available for Friday Night Flood. With a handful of teens, I was left with a choice. Do I cancel Friday Night Flood and send them home? Do I run the program with who we have here?

Instead, I took the 6 that were there just before the doors opened, loaded them up in the church van, and drove down to the high school for the first home game on their new turf field. Interesting that this is where I wound up tonight, since I told one of our student leaders earlier today that I was not canceling Friday Night Flood to send teens to a football game.

But sitting in the bleachers, I was able to have a couple of good conversations with teens that came with us, got to see several of our teens playing on the field (football and band), and chat a little with parents of a couple of our teens. I even got a fair amount of video footage during the game and the halftime show.

All in all, not a bad plan B.