WNL in Review – 9/16/2009

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Set List: The Hand that Holds the World (Starfield), Medley [All You Have to Give, Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus, Your Love O’ Lord] (Third Day).

Prepwork For the Evening: Prepared lesson/discussion time, created 90 Second Recap video, filmed and edited H20 Action News, put together set list, practiced set list, prepared sign-in sheet and prayer requests sheet.

Lesson Topic: The importance of fellowship in our lives, and how we need it to grow as Christians.

Positives From the Evening: The girls really enjoyed their group time tonight, and are even looking at ways to make the group their own. The Action News was well-received. There were nearly twice the teens as we had last week, including a couple we haven’t seen in a while, and two new students. Discussion was even better this week than it was last week. The music really picked up when we got to “Your Love O’ Lord”. Our missing Student Leaders from last week were present (though one left early).

Negatives From the Evening: Honestly, there was not much negative beyond the fact that we started late, and thus ran later than I was expecting.

Results From the Evening: As stated earlier, the girls really are getting excited about the ideas of Journey Groups. They are even dreaming up ways competing with the guys. Overall from my perspective, the lesson seemed to stick. Even the hangout time after the groups met was a good experience, though I would like to look at either setting our end time sooner, or setting up something that encourages teens to stay the extra 30-45 minutes after groups to hang out and decompress.

Student Involvement: Students ran EasyWorship and starred in the H20 Action News.