WNL in Review – 9/9/09

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Set List: Romans 16.19, How He Loves (David Crowder arrangement), A Beautiful Collision (David Crowder*Band),  No One Like You (David Crowder*Band).

Prepwork For the Evening: Prepared lesson/discussion time, created 90 Second Recap video, filmed and edited H20 Action News, put together set list, practiced set list, prepared sign-in sheet and prayer requests sheet.

Positives From the Evening: We had a brand new junior high student for the first time, and got to see a couple of students that were MIA last week. Discussion in my Journey Group went well at the beginning of our time together. Reading Scripture was welcomed by teens. There was excitement about the set list, and real involvement from the students. The Action News was enjoyed. The LIVE curriculum really worked out well tonight.

Negatives From the Evening: A couple of our Student Leaders were MIA with little to no valid explanation. Discussion trailed off in my group about midway through. Jump Start seemed to get lost in the shuffle again this week. Apparently my idea to include it as part of the Action News (even as one of the last elements) has begun to backfire. There seemed to be some discontent with the music selection tonight, as some complained about it behind my back, and I heard about it through someone else.

Results From the Evening: Overall, the Journey Groups seemed to have success. Only time will tell if they have a long-term impact. And even though we were missing a few teens (the fair was this week as well), the ones who were present really seemed to benefit from being there tonight.Using a curriculum that intentionally sets up discussion instead of lecturing really sets us up for success, inviting teens to share more than listen, and can set up real discussion. It started tonight, and I pray that it continues on and gets better and better each week.

Student Involvement: Students ran EasyWorship and starred in the H20 Action News.

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