Starting a New Student Ministry: Part Two

Building a New MinistryOne of the most common questions I see from youth workers on the web is “How do I start a new Ministry?” While each ministry is different, and every ministry context has its own unique quirks, here are some basics to remember when starting up a new ministry.

  • Discern the spiritual journey of your group. Every group of teens is unique. A large part of ministry is providing people (in this instance, teenagers) with what they need. You can cover the large pieces of the puzzle with basic ideas such as the person of Christ, the fruits of the Spirit, and so forth. But there are some teens, some groups that need to be taught some things more than others depending on where they are at in their journey. A group (or an individual) who is just starting out on the journey may not be ready for eschatology or an in-depth study on spiritual warfare. Likewise, someone who grew up in the church may not need another altar call. Talk to your group and discern where they are.
  • Identify your leaders. You cannot do ministry alone. Well, you can minister by yourself to an extent, but to lead a group you need support. Others to lean on, to sound ideas and thoughts off of, and to walk alongside you. To describe the process could take another series of posts, but basically look for adults who are passionate about working with teens, who want to share their life experiences, and who are driven to grow in their own journey with Christ. Side note: just remember to be very careful about your selection process. Look for more on this site in the near future.
  • Continue Praying. I cannot stress this enough again. Never stop praying throughout this whole process.

There are other steps, but these are the basic building blocks you should need to begin building a ministry that can introduce teens to the real person of Jesus Christ, to equip them with the necessary tools to grow on their own journey, and to impact their world for the Kingdom.