SoulCare: Caring for the Student Minister’s Soul

SoulCare for the JourneyA couple days ago I shared about one thing that I keep on my calendar to help recharge my soul each year. I also spoke of my plans to share some more of my methods for keeping my soul recharged, and true to my word, here they are.

In Student Ministry we spend our days (and evenings, and nights, and weekends, and holidays, and…) pouring our hearts, our experiences, our knowledge… our souls… into teenagers. Every minute of the day has the potential to be a ministry experience. But in order to have anything to pour into our teens, we have to have something pouring into our own soul. We need someone to pour into us. But how do we pour into our own souls when every hour of every day could potentially involve us pouring ourselves out into others?

  • Set Aside Time to Recharge – As I shared last time around, there are two weeks a year that are untouchable by the church’s or our Student Ministry’s calendar. I have also set aside at least one day each week (typically Thursdays) to observe Sabbath. I do no ministry-related work, instead focusing on time with my family.
  • Spend Time Every Day In Scripture – You spend a lot of time reading Scripture to write lessons, talks, sermons, etc. Take 15 minutes each day to read for your own soul. Read through a book at a time. Find a new verse a day. Read through a Psalm a day. Just make time each day to read Scripture without trying to turn it into a lesson.
  • Spend Time Every Day in Prayer – Without prayer, we are nothing. Period. It is a time of sharing your heart with God, and also (and possibly more importantly) a time of listening to God.
  • Get Enough Sleep – This is one of the ones that I am the worst at. The body needs sleep. If you are low on sleep, it will be harder for you to relax. Sleep in on your Sabbath day. Go to bed at a decent time (for you). Get your body into a rhythm and a schedule.

These are just a few things you can do to ensure your own soul will be filled so that you can pour it into the teens that you minister to each and every day. What other things do you do to keep your soul recharged?