WNL in Review – 9/2/09

WNL Fall 09 Logo

Set List A: Days of Elijah (Robin Mark), Romans 16.19, How He Loves (David Crowder arrangement), Jesus Paid it All (Kristian Stanfill arrangement)
Set List B: How Deep the Father’s Love for Us (Stuart Townsend), Storm (Lifehouse), A Beautiful Collision (David Crowder*Band), Your Grace is Enough (Matt Maher)

Prepwork For the Evening: Creating videos (H20 Action News, 90 Second Recap, WNL Fall Preview), creating Collide logo, putting together EasyWorship presentation, writing lesson/explanation for Collide theme, prepping music.

Positives From the Evening: Most of the group was incredibly excited about the new songs (even one teen who does not usually get excited about singing). The group really seemed to latch onto the new theme for this year, even getting excited about the idea of possibly getting t-shirts printed with the logo on it to use as discussion starters at school. The videos were well received, and at least one teen present was actively taking notes. The idea of starting Journey groups excited most of the group.

Negatives From the Evening: Due to sports involvement, our numbers were in the basement (we had 4 where we usually have around 15-20). One teen was distracted by her stomach (and she is incredibly picky so she turned down what food we had to offer her) throughout the evening, especially during our music portions.

Results From the Evening: The excitement was contagious. Those who were present really seemed to leave tonight energized and ready for the week. Sharing all of our outlets for our videos (specifically the 90 Second Recaps being available through iTunes) was really helpful for at least one of the teens there. Our teens went home challenged and encouraged, which for a preview evening is pretty good, I think.

Student Involvement: Students ran EasyWorship and contributed to the discussion. Over the course of the year I hope to work them in to more responsibilities for WNL.