So I Haven’t Been Around In A Few Days…

Last week I shared a little bit of my frustration with my laptop. Okay, I ranted, complained and whined. But it felt good to express my frustration and anger. After getting away for the weekend with some good friends from college (post forthcoming), I returned home to begin the process of starting over on the laptop. I am sitting at around 24 hours of work reinstalling Windows, copying the old files over that I was able to save, and reinstalling programs that I use. Now, I am still without several key programs that I used to use (some were freebies that were only valid for a 24 hour period, others either are missing the install discs or the original files are too corrupted to reinstall), so my frustrations are not gone. Not by a long shot.

But I have made peace. There is a lot that I simply have to accept that I have lost and will never see again. There is a lesson in there for Student Ministry, I am sure. Take from it what you will.

This is why I have been gone all week. I have had time to blog, I simply had no desire, no drive to do so. But after this brief hiatus, I have regained my passion and drive to share from my experiences with you, and hopefully to help your ministry as a result.

(Interesting side note. This is the second or third time I have gone on a hiatus from blogging, and each time traffic to my blog has been better than when I blogged regularly. Something to think about…)