H20 in the Fall: Friday Night Flood

friday-night-floodWrapping up my series on H20 programming this fall, I offer up our largest program, numerically at least, Friday Night Flood.

There are really not a lot of major changes in how we will do things this year. We will still operate for about 3.5 hours on Friday nights. Though our schedule will be scaled back a little bit due to some renovation in our building’s Family Life Center (where a large portion of the program takes place). We will still offer a high-energy evening full of games, sports, music, video games, and messages of truth and challenges to follow after Christ. There is not a lot that will change in the basic format.

But there are a few tweaks along that we will be making along the way.

  • One of those tweaks will be our theme nights. Last year we experimented with 80’s night, Heroes night and more, and found that they were really successful with our teens. They were able to dress up, take a bigger part in the production of the evening, and generally seemed to really enjoy themselves. So we will continue to run more theme nights this fall. Another tweak will be the return of our Expressions Evening. Expressions is designed to give our teens an outlet to share their creative talents with their peers. Less of a talent show and more of a gallery opening.
  • Friday Night Flood will still be the avenue to show the latest Purple Police episodes. We will also continue to utilize a lot of in-house videos to welcome teens, share our vision, and even teach truth.
  • New this fall will be a Dodgeball tournament. Dodgeball in the past was a top choice for games to be played during the evening, and this way we get to have them form teams, compete, and really find some creative ways to use it as a learning experience for our teens.
  • We will once again leave the building in November for a night at the local skating rink. We do this largely because the church uses the building for the annual Women’s Retreat. It also gives us the opportunity to give the teens a little treat by giving them something completely different.
  • We will continue to utilize teenage leadership more. We turned the night over twice last year to be run entirely by teens. This year we may do that again, but each Friday night we will definitely have some teenage leadership in place.
  • We are targeting a few new adults to help out on a regular basis. One of which might even be putting together a Wipeout-style challenge course for the spring.

While Friday Night Flood might seem to be all about games and fun, it really isn’t. We use the night to create a safe, inviting atmosphere in which we can engage teenagers in conversations, and journey alongside them in their lives. That definitely won’t change at all this year.