H20 in the Fall: Student Leadership

SLT Logo JPEGThis fall we are starting a new program within H20. We will be starting up a Student Leadership Team.

We have collected applications from a handful of teens who desire to be trained to be better leaders. The process was a little bit… detailed (there was a 20 page packet, 5 page application, prayer partners and reference letters to collect), and for good reason. First it weeded out those teens that would not be committed to learning and growing. Second, it allowed those who did apply to really work through their desire to be trained as leaders. Like I said, a handful (3 or 4 girls and one guy) have officially applied.

Over the course of the next 9 months (September through May) we will meet once a month for training sessions. Each session will cover topics that are leader-specific (ego, teamwork, leadership style discernment, etc.), and will allow our team opportunities to grow closer together. I am working on bringing in other instructors, setting up an afternoon at a local ropes/challenge course, and we will be taking part in our denomination’s Leadership Training seminar/conference.

But this won’t just be a bubble experience. We will have these team members plug into different areas of H20 (technology, drama, greeting, etc.). While we invite all teens to plug in, these will become requirements of our leaders. It will give them the opportunity to explore some of their leadership qualities, styles and abilities. We are also hoping to find ways for them to plug into the life of the church as a whole, allowing them to bless the whole body and not just a small portion of it. At the end of 9 months, we will evaluate their growth, and give them a rest for the summer, hopefully coming back in the fall to plug in again.

This is a new program to our teens, to our church, and largely I believe, to our area. There is potential for a lot of bumps along the way, but there are also great possibilities for this handful of teens to grow exponentially and for them to revitalize H20 in ways that we have not dreamed of yet.