H20 in the Fall: Collide

This past year we used one word to unify our teaching and guide our direction during the year. That word was Remedy. In fact, I blogged about it here. This fall we head in a new direction. Not one that is entirely different from Remedy, but there is a new emphasis.

This fall we embark on the journey of Collide.

Collide got its start in my head a few months back while I was listening to the David Crowder*Band’s A Collision. The track A Beautiful Collision describes how amazing it is when our weak humanness collides with God’s amazing perfection. In fact, I remember reading in the liner notes a quote that David shares that “when our depravity meets His divinity it is a beautiful collision.”

This year we will be able to tie a lot of stuff into this word. We will be able to use it to create opportunities for teens to encounter God in a beautiful collision. It can serve as a reminder to our teens that no matter how messed up they are, when they meet God, when they interact with Him, it truly is a beautiful collision. So often we think of collisions as negative things. They destroy things. They can hurt. But we will use this year to look at the positive elements of collisions. What are they destroying that is bad in our lives? Is the pain of the collision going to help us grow? What debris is being cast off as we encounter God’s divinity?

Below are some prototypes of the logo for this year…

Collide Prototypes