Seven Pounds

seven_poundsLast week Kelly and I found time to watch Seven Pounds together. Afterward, we were left with many questions. Later that night I put up an in-depth review about it at Redemptively Reviewed. Without getting into too much detail here, it is a great discussion movie. Definitely for high school and up (it is a bit too deep for junior high), it opens up discussion about death, heroism, sacrifice and love. Here’s a snippet:

There are movies that leave you with a satisfied feeling. There are movies that make you wonder why you spent your time watching. Seven Pounds is neither of these films, and that is probably it’s greatest strength… You get the feeling that Ben is on a mission to die (and not just because the movie opens with him calling 911 to report his own suicide). But along the way he falls in love with one of his cases, which seems that it might change Ben’s plans.

For the full review, go here.