Quick Book Review: Deep Justice Journeys

Deep Justice JourneysI have to say after leafing through this book for some ideas on how to create a space and a time in which our teens can grasp that our week in Pittsburgh at The Pittsburgh Project at the end of this month is about more than going there to build for a week then come back to what passes for normal, I am not disappointed.

Deep Justice Journeys: 50 Activities to Move From Mission Trips to Missional Living is very comprehensive. It focuses on the importance of framing an experience that is ongoing instead of once and done. In fact, I thought that I was pretty on the ball about thinking missionally instead of mission trip and I was surprised at some of what I encountered. Surprised at how wrong my line of thinking was. There are some great points to be made, especially about when it comes to involving the parents of teens going on the trip. There is even a covenant for parents to sign and adhere to detailing their responsibilities, not the least of which is active prayer for their teen and the group.

But perhaps what I enjoy the most as I leaf through this incredible resource is that is sets up you as the leader to take the learning beyond the week of. Last year we were okay getting ready to go, pretty good on the trip itself with daily meetings and required times in Scripture about serving the least of their fellow humans, but we fell apart when we got back home. Some excitement remained, as more than half of our crew going this year was on last year’s trip as well. But this book sets you up to help keep that fire going all year long.

Will this book guarantee your success at keeping teens from getting stuck in the mindset of “we went, we worked, now back to my life”? No. That is on The Holy Spirit (and your efforts when He wants to use you, of course). But this book will give you a lot of very useful tools to help keep that passion burning.

Want even more useful tools? Head over to the Fuller Youth Institutes Deep Justice section. Loads of useful stuff.