Star Trek – Is It Discussion Worthy?

Star Trek PosterI finally got a chance to see Star Trek last weekend. Toby was born just 3 days before the movie opened, and I have not had the chance until now to get to the theater. So Kelly and I took advantage of having extra hands to watch Abigail and Tobias (mom and dad were out for the weekend) and purchased our tickets. I have to say as a lifelong Trekkie (and the one who got Kelly hooked on two of the 5 series), I really like what JJ Abrams has done with the Star Trek story. I posted a review of it over on Redemptively Reviewed. Here is a snippet:

Now, I don’t want to give away too many spoilers for the 4 people who have not seen the movie yet (I myself did not see it until 2 months after it was released in theaters), so allow me to speak in generalities. The movie is good. Quite good. The visual effects are unbelievable, the score (though weak in a couple spots) supports the story quite well, and the acting is exceptional (especially Karl Urban who plays Leonard “Bones” McCoy). From a story perspective, it is a good, solid story of heroism, sacrifice, and triumph over vengeance. The comedy is great, and at times caused many in my theater to burst out in laughter.

For the full review, and to answer the question of whether or not you can utilize it in your ministry, go here.