Alive and Learning: Touching Base With Your Group

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This summer, our Student Ministry program made the trek to Canal Fulton, Ohio for Alive 2009. Alive is a 4-day “Christian Music” Festival that involves popular CCM musicians and bands, speakers, workshops, seminars, camping, swimming and the opportunity to purchase nearly any popular “Christian Media” you could desire. This post is part of a series aimed at sharing my experiences during the week and what I learned through the process so that you might learn from our successes and failures.

During the week of a music festival, you will find many opportunities to get frustrated with your teens who do not want to be at the campsite, or even sit with the group while listening to the evening speaker. They have their list of bands that they want to see, or maybe don’t particularly like some of the other group members. They may just want a good spot for the evening concert. But if you are looking at your music festival experience as a community or relationship building opportunity, you will need to build in some sort of check-in time with the whole group.

We used a check-in with our teens that we typically see in Sunday School. It is very simple. We sit in a circle (or a close approximation) and ask each teen to share three things with the group. Their high point of the day, their low point of the day and how they saw God at work today (week in Sunday School). It allows teens to share in the life of the group things that have been important to them, as well as allows them to peer into the minds and hearts of the rest of the group. And while we did not get to do this very often with the entire group (I think we really only had the entire group there for this twice), those times that we were able to include the whole group were great. We got to hear a little bit about what they experienced and got a glimpse of where their heart was with God. A lot of them had a hard time of wrapping their brain around how to see God at work in the world around them.

So check in with your teens. If I could change one thing about it, I would find a better way to implement this check-in at least twice each day (which is a big part of why our breakfast and dinners were supposed to be mandatory times together).

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