Lengthy Prayer Requests

UPDATE: Small Group Exchange has undergone a dramatic shift, and my articles are no longer posted there. You can read the full article in my more recent post here.


Had another article published this week at Bluefish TV’s Small Group Exchange. This one is about handling lengthy prayer request times in your small group or Youth Group meeting times. Here’s a sample:

“Does anyone have any prayer requests this week?”

Small group leaders cringe because this question leads to one of two possible outcomes. Either there is no one in the group who feels comfortable enough sharing prayer requests out loud which can lead to an uncomfortable silence, or there are a couple of people in the group who monopolize this time to share every tiny, insignificant detail (and sometimes force the group down rabbit trails), and before you know it your hour is up and all you did was field prayer requests and rush the lesson and discussion into 5 minutes. And you don’t want to cut out prayer requests, especially if someone genuinely is seeking to be lifted up by their brothers and sisters, or crying out for real healing.

Is there a better way?

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