FNFlood in a Nutshell – 5.29.09

friday-night-floodTonight was rough. There is really no other way to describe it. Just rough.

You see, tonight was our second You Own the Night Friday Night Flood, in which we have handed the reins over to our teens to run Friday Night Flood as they would want to see it run. We tried this a couple months ago and it went over really great. Tonight… not so much.

There was a message from a teen about how we screw things up all the time, jumping off from Disney’s habit of butchering familiar stories for the sake of “entertainment” (because the group had also decided that it was to be a Disney theme night). There were a couple of teens who shared 4 songs with the group. But the rest of the night was really rough. There were teens disappearing from their posts to play games. There were 4 out of the 40 or so present that stuck around to help put the building back together after all the rearranging. And nearly every member of the team that put the night’s programming together ducked out before we started putting the place back together. (A couple had a legitimate reason, the rest, not so much).

This all sounds like a lot of complaining, but it served to provide me with a couple items. One: it reminded me that we are working with adolescents, not adults. I think that sometimes I forget that. Two: it served to further cement that we (I) are failing at training up real disciples. Now, tonight was merely the latest layer on the cake, and I say this knowing full well that we are working with adolescents who are at best, under-developed. But we are falling into a lot of the formulaic americanized youth ministry that is responsible for creating consumers instead of fully-formed disciples thirsting after an authentic relationship with the Creator of the universe. We need desperately to change the way we do things. Three: it really cemented in me the need to take a few teens aside this next school year and train them to become better leaders, both within their/our ministry, and in their own lives.

Tonight was rough, but in the end it served to teach me much…