WNL in a Nutshell – 5.27.09

Wednesday Night Live ad 2008Tonight was definitely a night for winding down leading into the summer.

We did have two new students come with a girl we haven’t seen in a while. Though they had to leave early, they seemed to enjoy themselves while they were there. In fact, one of our graduating seniors took it upon himself to be the welcoming committee for them, introducing himself, getting to know their names and generally making them feel welcomed and comfortable.

Our numbers were down (lost a lot to the track banquet), and in anticipation, we simply had some music (some really into-it teens and some really anti-teens), and watched a Nooma. We used Trees and it led into a great, brief challenge to live life as God commands. I asked about some of things they do every day, how do those tasks/items impact the world around them. What do you do with your iPod when it dies? How environmentally friendly is riding your dirt bike each week or driving your new car? who made your football cleats? These questions were not asked to guilt them into change, but merely to help them think about how the things that they do impacts the world around them. I then challenged our teens to make time with God this week at least once. Just them and God, no electronics, no music, just them and a Bible, inviting God to be Remedy in their life. And I also challenged them to sacrifice time to be the Remedy for someone else around them (since Remedy has been our theme this year). I also let them know that at next week’s finals week drop-in I will be asking them how they did.

An interesting night. We’ll see how it goes next week…