What to Do About Cell Phones in Youth Group

UPDATE: Small Group Exchange has undergone a dramatic shift, and my articles are no longer  hosted there. To read the full article, read my more recent post here.


Last year I was asked to be a part of Bluefish TV’s Small Group Exchange. A couple of my resource reviews have been posted, and this past week an article I wrote went live. It deals with the question of what to do about disruptive cell phones in your small group meetings. Here’s a snippet:

“It seems that there are very few people left in the United States that don’t have their own lifeline (or leash) to the rest of the world. And many of those people will jump to answer the ringing or buzzing phone no matter what else is going on.  So what do we do about it? Cell phones are a part of life, and we have to put up with these constant distractions. Especially if we are leading a small group of teens who need their phones on in case their parents (or friends) need to get hold of them. After wrestling with this debate for a while, I came up with what has turned out to be a great method of leaving the distractions at the door when meeting in a small group…”

To read the whole article, go here. There are tons of other great resources there as well, so nose around a bit. And don’t be afraid to come back here and leave your thoughts on the issue.