WNL Recap – 5/20/09

What is God WebTonight was a rough night.

We wrapped up our What is God? series by having teens look up a handful of Scriptures that described God or His character, and had them interpret the Scripture – tell the rest of the group what that passage said about God. The whole point of this series was two-fold. I wanted them to know that it is okay to ask questions about God. But more importantly, I really wanted to give them a more well-rounded look at God. To really debunk the Americanized perception of God as nothing more than an old bearded guy sitting in the clouds that springs to mind when the subject comes up. I shared several Hebrew names for God (and their meanings) to help shore this up, and challenged them to use everything last week and tonight to do just that.

I don’t know how well it sunk in. When talking about how Jesus was not a 6-foot-tall white man with blue eyes a couple of teens perked up, but the rest of the evening was really rough to gauge. The music fell flat, the announcements didn’t seem well received (one teen asked 15 minutes later for info about something that was already given in detail in the announcement video), and the discussion time felt strained.

I think a large part of it is this is May, and a lot of our teens seem to have checked out. But I really can’t say how tonight went. One of those nights…