FNFlood in a Nutshell – 5/15/09

Friday Night Flood: ExpressionsTonight was another return to ministry for me this week. Last week Friday Night Flood was run entirely by our volunteer leadership team, and from what I hear was a great evening. This week was different from all our other evenings however.

Tonight was Expressions – an evening that we set aside to allow teens to share their art with the crowd. We had some woodworking, sewing, poetry, photographs and singing. We even had most of a suit of armor constructed exclusively from duct tape. To close the evening out I shared about how God is an artist, and even elaborated on some of the things that He created simply to be admired and enjoyed. I shared how each of them, though broken and fallen, was created in God’s image and retains a divine spark, enough for God to recognize and desire to grow.

Overall the night was a success. The teens who shared loved the opportunity to share, and those who simply sat back and took it all in responded very favorably to their fellow teens sharing their hearts with them. And of course, we premiered the latest episode of The Purple Police to very positive reviews. (I’m uploading the video as I type this. I’ll post it here tomorrow). And over the weekend I hope to get video from tonight edited and posted as well.

A great first night back for me. Now next week is off and the week after that is being run entirely by teens! What a way to wind down before summer starts.