WNL in Review – 5/13/09

Wednesday Night Live ad 2008Tonight was my first night back in the saddle for teaching after taking last week off (new baby). That is an odd sentence looking back over it, but I am leaving it.

Last week, when catching up on my blog posts, one pointed me toward the site SoulPancake (I forget which site, so if it was you, please leave me a message and I will credit you properly). The site is basically a space dedicated to engaging people in conversations about spiritual matters. It is a rather interesting site, so if you have a few minutes, give it a look.

Anyway, I decided to take a video posted there and run with it for tonight’s lesson. The video interviews people on the street, asking the question “What is God?”  and you can find it by going here. So tonight we asked our teens that question. After watching the video and hearing their thoughts on what they think God is (full of lots of Christianese, cliches and handful of descriptions that many did not resonate with or have experienced for themselves, but not a bad list), I stepped to the front of the room and shared what God told Moses in Exodus 3.14. I Am who I Am. I left it at that, and we will pick up on that thread next week.

Overall the night seemed good. There was high interaction amongst the teens, they seemed to really respond to our music selection for the evening, and after all our lesson time was over the group really put a lot of effort into planning the You Own the Night Friday Night Flood at the end of the month. Low numbers since it is May, but a good evening of teaching and getting them to start thinking.