WNL in Review – 4/29/09

Wednesday Night Live ad 2008Tonight was a one-off. I took a popular thought from last week’s Real Talk evening and ran with it. Tonight we talked about music choices as Christians.

It started off with me asking the group to share their favorite song, and why it is their favorite. Then I set out lyrics to 6 different songs around the room with cards asking the questions “What is the message of this song? What is good in it? What is negative in it? Is it worth listening to?”  and gave the group 15 minutes to read through the lyrics and answer the questions. Then we came back together and I read a sampling of the answers to each question. I shared the real messages from each song and gave my impressions of each song. For the completeist, the songs used were:

  • Lil’ Wayne’s Got Money
  • LIfehouse’s Storm
  • Richie McDonald’s I Turn to You
  • Tommy James and the Shondelles’ I Think We’re Alone Now
  • Selah’s Bless the Broken Road (Not originally Selah’s, I know)
  • Robin Mark’s Days of Elijah

I wanted a variety, looking at popular now, years ago, CCM and more. A few of the crowd were genuinely surprised that some of the songs said what they did. We closed out the lesson time exploring Romans 12.1-2 and Philippians 4.8, looking at some directives for how to choose what to put in our heads. Then we finished up with a short object lesson. I took a white towel (which represented our head/heart) and while sharing about how what we take in is absorbed us I dipped into some red liquid. And no matter what we do to get it out, it stays in (I rinsed it out in clean water, but it was of course, still pink).

It is hard to say if this evening’s message will resonate beyond tonight. I pray that it does. I really do.