Movie Discussions – Van Helsing

movie-night-master-copyTonight we held our monthly Movie Night in the youth room. The selection this month: Van Helsing. I picked it on a whim after vetoing several other options, remembering the major themes and checking out some specific details over at ScreenIt. I was looking for some conversation on themes about spiritual warfare, or the church’s role in justice. What we got into was a tad deeper.

Topics surrounding Dracula as Satan, and yet as human pride surfaced. The idea of being empty and hollow (as Dracula confesses to being) came up. We chatted about how the most hideous-looking  monster (Frankenstein) was not only the most noble of all the leads, but also quoted more Scripture than many of our group could. Salvation. Eternal life. All of these topics and more came up, and we had what was probably the best conversation after a movie since we started running movie nights.

A good night. I’m hoping to get an in-depth review over at Redemptively Reviewed tomorrow evening.