FNFlood in Brief – 4/17/09

Wednesday Night Live ad 2008Tonight was amazing. Period.

It started out pretty rough. Around a dozen teens in the building (or waiting to get in) and no adults but myself. One arrived around the time we opened the door officially, and more as the evening trucked along. We had a rough patch with one girl who had decided to show up in a – shall we say rather revealing – top. When one of the female leaders spoke with her about it, she flipped out and insisted that she would never wear someone else’s shirt or be forced into some else’s style (she was merely asked to cover up to help protect the minds of the guys present. More on our stance in this area in a future post). It led me to an interesting discussion about her views on truth, morality, and her greatly pluralistic worldview, but ultimately she chose to leave angry.

But the rest of the evening was tremendous. our senior pastor dropped by to share about the sacrament of communion, and then offered it to anyone who wanted to take part. And during this time one girl asked “How do I get Jesus into my heart?” Tremendous. I, this girl and her friend sat on a couch down the hall and prayed together, and more teens joined in before we were done. After we were done praying, one of the teens who joined in asked if she could pray too. I found out that she had been through the process before, but something was different for her tonight. Later in the evening I was able to connect with one about getting plugged into our fellowship (or another, as long as she is plugged in somewhere), especially since this week our time together is a Real Talk evening (open-floor Q&A time). So please remember to lift up Savannah and Christina this week, as both start new chapters in their lives.

Tonight was fantastic.