Jesus People

I was perusing the information superhighway the other day and stumbled across the web-series Jesus People over at It is actually clipped from the larger Jesus People: The Movie which features many recognizable faces from the comedy world. The basic premise (of the web series) is of a church that forms its own “Christian Dance Group.”

Think The Office in a church. Really. While it really takes many modern stereotypes of church-goers and amplifies them, it also seems to have a fairly solid grasp on the church sub-culture that CCM and “christian media” have created for us. It mocks and sheds light at the same time. Especially when the characters fall into sin and do their best to cover it up with either pretending it didn’t happen, or heaping more lies upon the first one. And the “judgmental one” character. I have known many of Christians just like that. I have been that person at times in my life. Overall, this would make a great discussion movie to share with teens, especially about how the world sees us, and how we see ourselves.

Give the first episode a try and see what you think. Leave your thoughts. Are they right? Wrong? Stupid? In danger of burning in the fires of hell themselves? Am I?

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Jesus People on IMDb
Jesus People Show page on Blip (you’ll have to click on the thumbnail on the bottom to start at the beginning. It’s how Blip’s show player works).